Miss Schwaben 2024

Stefanie’s Bio to follow soon


        Miss Schwaben 2024 – Stefanie Kahnke

The Schwaben Club would like to congratulate our  2024 Miss Schwaben,  Stefanie Kahnke! We wish her a memorable time while she represents our club.

Past Misses

The first Miss Schwaben was crowned in 1958, and since then, numerous women have had the honour of representing the Schwaben Club. From travelling around during Oktoberfest, to being an ambassador at Club functions, Miss Schwaben has a vital role within the Club. Here is the list of ladies who carried the crown and sash.

1958 Edith Korek 1988 Paulina Mayer 2017 Jessica Hill
1959 Adolfine Scheinost 1989 Nancy Schaadt 2018 Angele Killingbeck
1960-61 Keine Wahl – No Contest 1990 Jackie Sieber 2019 Cassandra Kauer
1962 Inara Vinakmens 1991 Christina Martz 2020-21 Alyssa Hild
1963 Eva Pfeiffer 1992 Margaret Birl 2022 Shayla Herold
1964 Evelin Hulbert 1993 Heidi Offak 2023 Emma Becker
1965 Irene Twerdochleb 1994 Kara Kennedy
1966 Mary Hoffmann 1995 Lisa Tadros
1967 Barbara Doerel 1996 Margaret Milne
1968 Kathy Lukitsch 1997 Christina Kunz
1969 Margaret Schilling 1998 Lori Pottkamper
1970 Adelheid Voigt 1999 Sheri Lotrijan
1971 Gerda Wolf 2000 Monica Pilz
1972 Rosemary Putschli 2001 Rosemary Harvey
1973 Rosemary Schwartz 2002 Andrea Adam
1974 Rosemary Brenner 2003 Katelyn Tshirhart
1975 Claudia Reschke 2004 Jennifer Harvey
1976 Christine Becker 2005 Jade Adam
1977 Marika Fulep 2006 Vanessa Adam
1978 Barbara Madlensky 2007 Brandy Chapman
1979 Beth Dietrich 2008 Magdalena Adam
1980 Rosemary Piller 2009 Katherine Harvey
1981 Petra Osterling 2010 Mihaela Savulescu
1982 Lydia Kessler 2011 Jennifer Tschirhart
1983 Anita Schlupp 2012 Carole Zettel
1984 Katharina Ungar 2013 Ericha Schiketantz
1985 Linda Haehnel 2014 Melanie Williamson
1986 Barbara Schlosser 2015 Vanessa Pastoric
1987 Connie Stewart 2016 Samantha Hild

Mr Schwaben 2024


The Schwaben Club would like to congratulate our 2024 Mr Schwaben

Nickolas Leipold!  We wish him a memorable time while he represents our club.

Hey, I’m Nickolas

I have been involved in German clubs most of life, growing up in the Rhine Danube Club in Leamington, and then coming to the Kitchener Schwaben Club while in my studies at the University of Guelph. I got involved in the Schwaben Club, first in the dance group, and then getting active in the board where I have been the Treasure now for a few years.

My family on both sides come from what was the country of Yugoslavia. Today that location would be south of modern day Pécs Hungary, in a couple small villages in Croatia. If you ever want to talk about the schwabish culture or any Stammtisch thoughts, I’m all ears.

I believe in being the change you want to see, and getting people to converse about history. I want to promote people learning about the reasons we have traditions and not just see them as repetition.

Mr Schwaben 2024 – Nickolas Leipold

 The role of Mr. Schwaben is to show our youth a positive role model and act as an ambassador representing our club.  Candidates for Mr Schwaben are  voted by the Schwaben Dancers and the winner is announced at our Schlachtfest event. 

Past Mr. Schwaben's

2018 – David O’Reilly              2019-21  Nolan McQuabbie           2022- Ray Tomchick       2023 – Cole Watson

Application for Miss Schwaben and Mr Schwaben


1. Must be between the ages of 19 and 28 at the start of that year’s Oktoberfest.
2. Must be under a student, single or family membership for a full calendar year prior to the Miss competition.
3. Must be single, never married, and have no children for the duration of time you hold the title.
4. Should have an understanding and appreciation of the Schwaben and German cultures.
5. Must reside within commuting distance of the Schwaben Club and the respective engagements.
If there are no applicants that meet the requirements specified above, then refer to Appendix A at the club office for additional information
1. As an ambassador of the Schwaben Club, you are expected to represent the club in a professional manner at all times. It is important to realize that anything you say and do as the ambassador will be taken by others as the opinion of the club, so the interests and opinions expressed must be representative of the membership and not personal opinion. This includes at personal appearances as well as posts on social media accounts.
2. You are expected to attend all the primary cultural club functions, and ideally any other events you may be invited to at the club or by others (e.g. other German Clubs or KWO).
3. You must be comfortable with public speaking.
4. You must be able to polka and waltz with the Club membership.
5. You must be available for Oktoberfest to attend functions when requested.
6. You must not be under the influence of recreational drugs while representing the club. Alcohol consumption must be moderate with no intoxication.
7. Appropriate attire based on the event is expected. Please consult with the Cultural Director for event specific details.
8. A Vulnerable Sector police check will be obtained at the cost of the club.
Failure of any of the above requirements may result in the loss of your title.                                                                                                                                                   NOTE:  Mr Schwaben does not need to apply.  Mr Schwaben is elected by the Schwaben Dancers dance group