With a Membership to the Schwaben Club, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Reduced Admission charges on most club events
  • Interest & Voting rights
  • Option to join to the Sick Benefit Association. (for more info, click on Sick Benefit under Membership)

Freedom to be a part of any of the following Schwaben Club activity groups (Untergruppen) :
(additional group membership fee may apply, administrated by each individual group)

  1. Kindergruppe (Childrens) Dance Group
  2. Jugendgruppe (Youth) Dance Group
  3. Schwaben Dancers Group
  4.  Donau Dancers Group
  5. Frauengruppe (Ladies Auxillary)
  6. Table Tennis Group

Becoming a member of the Kitchener Schwaben Club

The Schwaben Club membership is open to all, aged 16 and older.

To become a member, applicants need to fill out a form and return it to the office with payment.

Each applicant is required to be sponsored by two existing members of the Schwaben Club. Once all requirements have been met, applicants are invited to attend the next monthly Member’s meeting (held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month; excluding July & August), where their application will be voted on by the membership. Once a membership has been accepted, the new member will receive their membership card, voting privileges, and applicable Member’s discounts.

Download and print off a copy of our membership application now to get started!

Or complete the online form below and then click on submit. Once received, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted.

Annual Club Memberships


$ 60
  • Ages 16+


$ 85


$ 25
  • Ages 16+ (with Student ID)


$ 40
  • 65 & over

All memberships are asked to be renewed in December for the following year. Members are not eligible for Member’s discounted pricing on upcoming events unless their membership is paid in full. 

A Late Fee of $30 will be applied on January 15th to all memberships that have not yet been paid for that year. 

Complete & Submit Membership Online (form below)