Commemorative Garden

The Commemorative Garden consists of a beautiful monument surrounded by memorial stones acknowledging those that came before us. Maintaining our culture for future generations is an important goal for all of us, but we can’t forget those who sacrificed to get us where we are today. It is those men and women that we honour with our monument — a small way of saying “Thank you” for everything they’ve given us.

The monument is only one part of the garden. It is surrounded with memorial stones engraved with the names of those we wish to remember. Donations can still be made to get stones placed in our garden. Just contact the club office, leave your name and number and our Flag Bearer Director will get in touch with you with additional details.

Our goal was to create a place where anyone can go and spend a quiet moment in reflection or hold a solemn celebration for all the blessings we’ve been granted. In the end, we have a special place people can go to in order to recognize all the hard work done by those people before us, that helped us achieve what we have today.