Kinder Workshop

The Kinder workshop will take place Saturday September 1st from noon until 1pm. All kids up to age 12 are welcome to come on out and have some fun with our Jugend Leaders who will be taking charge of this exciting session! They will be bringing back some old favourites while we break down the German language in a song to better understand what we are dancing to. For those that don’t want to dance, we will have a craft table set up with pictures to colour in and work sheets to play with that will also reinforce our German language skills.  

UPDATE ON THE KINDER WORKSHOP: We are very happy to include the teaching of the COMBINED KINDER DANCE GROUPS PERFORMANCE in the Kinder workshop taking place Saturday, September 1st from noon – 1:00pm. All kinder dancers are welcome to attend the workshop and learn the dances to be performed later on Saturday and Sunday at Landestreffen!

Here are the links to the dance videos:

  1. Schnitzel Polka -  
  2.  Stern Polka 2 -                 
  3. Freundshaft 1 -


Here are the sound tracks:


Schnitzel Polka (Der Rucksack Auf M Buckl)

This song can be used for an intro, to get back into a circle from a straight line, or from a circle.
1. All couples walk holding hands. Girl’s right hand on hip, boys left hand behind back for 32 counts (on the fourth yodel couples turn and face each other.) 

2. Couples face each other. Holding hands with your partner: Heel out, toe to front, heel out, toe to front, slide, slide, slide. Girls will be going to their right Boys will be going to their left. 8 counts 

3. Returning the other direction. Holding hands with your partner: Heel out , toe to front , heel out, toe to front, slide, slide, slide. Girls will be going to their left Boys will be going to their right. 8 counts 

4. Repeat 2 and 3. 16 counts 

5. Swing arms 2 counts(boy to the left, girl to the right,) Swing arms 2 counts(boy to the right, girl 
to the left,) Boy spins girl clockwise (boy holding on with right hand and girls left) 8 counts 

6. Repeat step 5. 8 counts 

7. Cross arms and polka step out 8 counts then back in 8 counts. 

8. Polka step holding hands in clockwise circle (other groups polka here) 16 counts 

9. Couples facing each other elbow to elbow right to right 2 counts, left to left 2 counts, then turn 
in a clockwise motion until facing partner 4 counts 

10. Repeat step 9 

11. Repeat steps 2-7 

12. Form a large circle slide counter clockwise 4 times, let go of hands, Jump, spin in a clockwise 
circle 8 counts 

13. Hold hands, Slide clockwise 4 times, let go of hands, turn clockwise one spin, hands up. 8 counts 

No music introduction

Dance start with a big circle, boys on inside, girls on outside.

1. Partners polka for 16 steps
2. Girls twirl on outside of circle, stationary in front of their partner.
Boys face each other in center of circle and take a few steps into center. Clap (1) on thighs using both hands
Clap (1) hands together
Clap (1) with left and right hand to neighbor boys simultaneously.
(left will clap boy on left, his right hand; right hand will clap with boy on right, his left hand) Clap (2) hands together
Repeat this 6 more times (thigh; clap; side; clap clap)
At the end: clap (1) thighs; clap (1) hands together and clap (1) neighbors’ hands.
3. Walk (64 steps) in circle with partner counterclockwise, just holding hands, because it might be easier. (Correct version: Boy’s right arm around girl’s waist and girl’s left arm rest on boy’s right shoulder, elbow bent. Girls’ right hands on hips.) Or can just hold hands while walking

Freundschaft 1 (Grosser Atlantik)

All couples form a circle.
Intro 4 counts

1. All step to the center, starting with right foot, three steps then tap with left foot. 4 counts
2. All step out, 4 steps. 4 counts
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2. 8 counts

4. Girls step toward the center, on fourth step they clap, then back out of the circle 4 steps. 8 counts
5. Boys step toward center, on fourth step they nod, turn to the left, and go four steps to the partner who is on the right of their last partner. 8 counts
5. Right elbow to right elbow turn skipping in clockwise direction. 16 counts
6. Partners walk in counter clockwise direction, holding hands. Girl’s right hand on hip, boys left hand behind back 16 counts.
7. Form a big circle and repeat steps 1- 6 four more times Bow and curtsy.


Jugend Workshop

The Jugend workshop will be taking place Saturday September 1st from 1 – 2pm. All youth 13+ are encouraged to participate! This year we will focus solely on going over the dance taught at the Jugendfreundshaftslager in St. Louis – we will be using this dance as the Friendship Dance after the Parade. So, come on out and learn this dance just before the march in. Anyone that attended the Jugendlager in St. Louis knows how great the dance was, please join us as we teach everyone the song!